2019 The first exhibition of the archive materials. The first decade: 1979–1990

MU Theatre, 27-30th March 2019

Creative Movement Studio operated in the 183 sqm basement room between 1983 and 1999 as a determining institution of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene. Its history began in 1979 with the establishment of the New Dance Club and among others in Lágymányosi Community Center’s (today MU Theatre) building. The founders of the Studio are Iván Angelus and Ferenc Kálmán, whose creative, performing and pedagogical approaches were mentioned at that time as “new” or “experimental dance”, what we call today contemporary dance. Tükrök (Mirrors), the first Hungarian independent dance piece was created in this atelier in 1982.

The professional profile of the Studio, which might also be described as an alternative community center, was strongly linked to the era’s underground visual arts, musical and cinematographic tendencies. Among the regular dance classes visual arts courses, guest teachers’ workshops, intense summer and winter dance courses, dance performances, performances, concerts, exhibitions, art-related lectures, and video screenings enriched the programme of the Studio. Regular production works played an essential role as well next to the educational programme and the club life. The posters and flyers presented in this exhibition are related to the events of the 1980s.

In 1990 the professional dancer training of the Studio has been launched, first named Modern Dance School, and from 1991 Budapest Dance School. The progress of these professional approaches has resulted in the establishment of Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2004.

We digitalized the archive materials related to the 1980s with the support of the National Cultural Fund, and made them accessible at the homepage archivum.tanc.org.hu. The copies of articles from magazines and newspapers, and video footages are available for browsing above.

Exhibition material selection: Petra Péter and Iván Angelus
Installation: Petra Péter and Dorottya Albert
English translation: Dorottya Albert
Special thanks to Lívia Fuchs, Judit Geskó, Dénes Józsa, György Bp. Szabó
Special thanks to the teachers and artists creating and leading the programmes, and to all the participants who invigorated our pursuit through their trust and support
Supporters: NKA, EMMI, OTKA, MU Theatre, New Performing Arts Foundation